Monday, June 23, 2014

New Haven Democratic town chairman wants 20K plurality for Malloy in Elm City.VOTE NO FOR MALLOY.

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Left Unsaid Notes:
1. Left unsaid is Malloy jamming the largest tax increase in history down our throats in his “share pain” campaign - the tax was real. The shared pain with labor unions was not. They got a free ride.
2. Left unsaid was the massive tax increase on hospitals and utilities - that made our healthcare and utilities more expensive.
3. Left unsaid is that despite those massive tax increases, the state’s balance sheet is deeply flawed and damaged; the next year’s budget is grossly in deficit and our collectively credit rating has gone down.
4. Left unsaid is that the minimum hike to $10.10 an hour will cost a lot of people their jobs, limit the hours of those that have them. If you are one with a job, it’s great. If you’re the one who lost your job because of it, too bad.
5. Left unsaid is that our homes are now charged a permanent sales tax - that erodes our equity and diminishes our retirement money. It was temporary but Malloy raised it and made it permanent.
6. Left unsaid is that Malloy supported the largest gas tax hike in history.
7. Left unsaid is that the business climate in Connecticut is seen as among the poorest in the nation; that our economy grew at less than half the pace of the national economy.
8. Left unsaid is that Malloy spent hundreds of millions, in fact, well over a billion dollars in corporate welfare.
I could go on for a quite a long list.
Malloy is right. We have a lot to discuss at our backyard BBQs - and the biggest question is why in hell we should vote for Malloy again.  Just being a Democrat isn’t good enough. If it is for some folks - shame on them.

Mauro: This Time We'll Hit 20,000 | New Haven Independent

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