Sunday, June 1, 2014

How Malloy Makes CT Money Walk | CT Lost $7.40 billion in annual AGI* since the income tax was enacted.

When you increase taxes revenue goes DOWN because people find ways to AVOID the tax increases by moving etc!


Lost $7.40 billion in annual AGI*
Wealth Migration 1992-2011

Thinking about moving to Connecticut?
See how much moving will cost you in taxes.

$795 of adjusted gross income lost in the last 1 minute and 1 seconds.

Gained Wealth From:

$6.26 billionNew York
$594.62 millionNew Jersey
$165.53 millionIllinois
$164.13 millionMichigan
$17.33 millionNebraska

Lost Wealth To:

$5.05 billionFlorida
$1.16 billionNorth Carolina
$1.07 billionMassachusetts
$782.67 millionVirginia
$621.31 millionSouth Carolina


IRS Tax Migration | How Money Walks | How $2 Trillion Moved between the States - A Book By Travis H. Brown

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