Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Every state uses incentives to attract Jobs-But Dan Malloy spends over $1 million per job.

Malloy gives Millions of CT taxpayer money to Billionaires.
The states that want to take our jobs are for Malloy.

The CT Taxpayer is not for Malloy.
Are YOU?
Of course you are not for Malloy and no one in CT is! Vote NO for Malloy.

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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Malloy squandered millions of taxpayer money on Jackson Labs! Florida said the ROI sucked and Malloy then gives them more money. WTF CT!

“We’re glad to be rid of them,’’ Billington said in a telephone interview. “I feel bad for the state of Connecticut if y’all have politicians who are swallowing the Jackson line hook, line and sinker.’’

Jackson Lab Florida - Hartford Courant

But Republicans said that the state would be spending far too much money at $291 million, plus another $120 million in interest, including a free building for Jackson. They noted that, as a nonprofit, Jackson will not pay corporate taxes to Connecticut or local property taxes to Farmington on 17 acres at the University of Connecticut Health Center campus. They said Connecticut needs to be cautious about spending more tax money in a state that recently had the largest tax increase in its history and has the highest per capita debt in the nation. Without architectural drawings, they also said, the state cannot know the true cost of the building, even though it has been set at $144 million for the structure and $47.3 million for scientific and technological equipment.
Republicans said the state had cut much better deals, including one announced this week in which NBC Sports will bring 450 jobs at an average of $70,000 per year to a former Clairol hair dye plant in Stamford. The Jackson deal, they noted, is far more expensive and creates jobs at a slower pace.
"Waiting 10 years for 300 jobs is preposterous,'' said Sen. John Kissel, an Enfield Republican.
Sen. L. Scott Frantz, a Greenwich Republican, said he was happy that Jackson intends to come to Connecticut, but added that the deal is far too lucrative for Jackson and far too risky for state taxpayers. Unlike an offer of 10 percent in Florida in a deal that eventually failed, there was nothing mentioned in Wednesday's bill about the state receiving any royalties from Jackson's experiments.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Study: Kids in Connecticut are Born Broke | They owe Malloy $27,000 already in retroactive taxes!

Kids in Connecticut are born broke – more than $27,000 in debt –
because of billions in unfunded pension promises. State estimates
suggest citizens owe $25 billion, but this Yankee Institute study found
the real number is more than three times higher, $76.8 billion.

The state owes another $22.7 billion to cover retiree healthcare costs.

 Study: Kids in Connecticut are Born Broke | Yankee Institute for Public Policy

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

State Elections Enforcement Commission Condemns NU Exec's Pro-Malloy Solicitation.Ask yourself why is your electric rate so high?

Northeast Utilities Managers Donate $50k+ to Malloy's Election campaign! PLEASE SHARE THIS!
And you may ask yourself 
Where is that large automobile? 
And you may tell yourself
This is not my beautiful house
And NOW thanks to Malloy 
You may ask yourself
Why is my Northeast Utility bill so high?
And you may tell yourself
Now I know why.

State Elections Enforcement Commission Condemns NU Exec's Pro-Malloy Solicitation As 'Egregious' – But Finds No Violation -

CT State Treasurer Nappier afraid to debate challenger Tim Herbst because she knows she will be 'crushed'?!

HARTFORD -- The Republican candidate for state treasurer challenged incumbent Democrat Denise L. Nappier to debate him Tuesday, saying that she should defend her 16-year record overseeing the state's pension system.
Trumbull First Selectman Tim Herbst said that Nappier has repeatedly ignored his requests for debates regarding the state's pension investments and unfunded liabilities.
"You've got to speak to the press,'' Herbst said in an inteview with The Courant. "You've got to face the music. It's one thing to ignore me, but she can't ignore the media and she can't ignore the taxpayers of the state of Connecticut.''
He added, "If you've done this job for 16 years and think you've done a good job, what are you afraid of?''

Challenger Calls For State Treasurer To Debate -

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Malloy is desperate: Every ad he runs - Everything he says is a blatant LIE.

                 Malloy's Numbers Don't Add Up To Win

LIE: Malloy touted job growth by declaring, "If you draw a line at February 2010, we're actually creating more jobs on a per capita basis than any other state in New England."

TRUTH: Look at that quote carefully and you will see Malloy's quiet desperation to thwart the statistics that may drive him from office. Malloy was not governor in February 2010. He would not take office for almost a year. In order to distract voters from his dismal record, Malloy has to latch on to the record of his predecessor, Republican M. Jodi Rell, to obscure his own failure.

The biggest tax increase in the state's history will do that. Malloy's bad choices have had terrible consequences. Connecticut's recovery from the recession has been so erratic that in January of this year, the state's economy dropped 10,900 jobs. That's not a number Malloy is likely to give a nod to as voters prepare to render a formal verdict on his failures.

Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy's numbers, whether polling, jobs or budget, don't add up to a win -

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

53-40: The Numbers That Trap Malloy. — Yes it is true:Ct despises Malloy

Democratic loyalists and operatives have been growing uneasy as each private poll has confirmed Foley’s stubborn lead. Today’s public poll lets the public in on their unhappy secret. Watch for the tussle over Democratic resources, including discouraged troops, to grow more intense. Outbreaks are most likely to increase in the 5th Congressional District, where Malloy’s people have been in tense competition for party workers with worried incumbent U.S. Representative Elizabeth Esty. Her campaign has been receiving dark portents of a difficult race, too. The uncharitable attribute her poor showing in polls to the burden of running with Malloy.

53-40: The Numbers That Trap Malloy. — Daily Ructions

Monday, September 8, 2014

GOP Chief Labriola Scoffs At Malloy's Pronouncement About Reducing Standardized Testing -

"Dan Malloy, the father of Common Core in CT, saying we have too many standardized tests is like an arsonist saying the world has too many matches," Labriola said in a statement emailed to news organizations. 

GOP Chief Labriola Scoffs At Malloy's Pronouncement About Reducing Standardized Testing -

Sunday, September 7, 2014

30 more crimes a day in CT thanks to Malloy releasing prisoners early! WTF CT!

Since this program was passed into law, 25,000 criminals were released early back onto 

the  streets,” he said. “Another 20,000-plus were released on parole. Brian Jacobs earned  

115 early release credits, close to the maximum for the program. Despite his  

extreme participation,he still failed to be reformed and went immediately back to his life of 

crime. According to Mike Lawlor’s own statistics, 65 percent of criminals released will 

commit another crime within 3 years. That’s 34,000 crimes, an average of 30 a day.”

The New Britain Herald : New Britain, Conn., and surrounding areas (

Saturday, September 6, 2014

EDITORIAL: Tom Foley for governor from 2010-Told ya so

Finally, we have found Foley to be the more forthright of the two candidates. As an aggressive debater, Malloy has claimed he won't raise taxes and repeated a deliberate falsehood about Foley.
A textile company that Foley once owned in Georgia spun off a division that employed 1,000 workers. Most, if not all those workers, stayed at their jobs, but under new management. Malloy has claimed the workers were laid off. The false claim is repeated in a television ad.
Foley ran the company for 11 years. Battered by competition from foreign textile companies, it was reorganized under bankruptcy laws in 1996.
Foley then left the company, which emerged from bankruptcy, was listed on the American Stock Exchange and was later bought by another textile company.
Foley's record as a business executive is commendable. His business skills in increasing productivity while keeping an eye on costs are needed in the governor's office.

EDITORIAL: Tom Foley for governor

Recent political ad filings in Connecticut | Political Ad Sleuth

Malloy's Campaign Advertisements:Another $35,000 of our money down the drain.
Paid for by Dan Malloy for Connecticut?. NOT-They are paid for by CT taxpayers. Please call Malloy and tell him to stop running his ads.It's OUR money he is wasting again!

Recent political ad filings in Connecticut | Political Ad Sleuth

FACT: Malloy releases dangerous criminals early that commit more crimes then takes away law-abiding citizens rights to defend themselves.

Malloy is making CT LESS safe.Yet he claims CT is more safe-He is delusional.Please VOTE NO for delusional Dan.
Catch & Release Justice | The Healy Strategy Blogs

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Malloy Offered Development Deal To Bushmaster to come to his hometown of Stamford

Eight days before Adam Lanza used a Bushmaster AR-15 semiautomatic rifle to kill 26 children and women on Dec. 14 at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Malloy and the state offered the manufacturer of the gun a development deal to move its corporate headquarters to Connecticut.
On Dec. 6, a top state economic development official sent the Freedom Group an offer for a $1 million loan at the low annual interest rate of 2 percent for 10 years — plus other incentives for the company to move its headquarters, with 25 top executives, from Madison, N.C., to Stamford-Home of guess who?-Dan Dannel Malloy.

Newtown: State Offered Development Deal To Makers Of Newtown Massacre Gun - Hartford Courant

Malloy slams himself for Flipping on guns in new TV ad - CT Politics

Thomas Paine says:
It would be useful if Mr. Foley reminded Connecticut residents that Governor Malloy has not been a staunch anti-gun crusader for as long as he would like people to believe. In fact, in the weeks prior to the massacre at Sandy Hook, the Governor was trying to lure Bushmaster Firearms headquarters staff to Stamford using tax incentives funded by taxpayers. Yes, the anti-gun Governor was bribing the company that manufactured the firearm used by Adam Lanza to relocate to Connecticut. In the wake of the Newtown rampage, Malloy’s staff quietly scuttled that deal saying that it was the decision of the Freedom Group (Bushmaster’s owner) given the corporate uncertainty in the wake of Newtown.
So Governor Malloy was FOR Bushmaster and its “assault weapon” products before he was against it.
Some clarity on this would be helpful for voters as Malloy tries to convince voters that non-gun owning Foley is the “pro gun” candidate and the Governor is the pure “anti gun” candidate.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

CT: I want to be very clear-I am a liar.I said I would not raise taxes and I did -U tube

CT: I want to be very clear-I am a liar.I said I would not raise taxes and I did - And boy did I ever-The largest tax increase in the history of the State and to top it off I made them RETROACTIVE!

"I Want To Be Very Clear" - YouTube

Monday, September 1, 2014

CT has the highest taxpayer burden in the USA and is now the "Un-Constitutional Sinkhole" State Thanks to Malloy!

CT is now the "Un-Constitutional Sinkhole" State Thanks to who other but the Desperate Delusional Demon Dan the CT RETROACTIVE Tax Man.

Report: These Five States Have Highest Liability Per Taxpayer

Malloy-Foley debate: Malloy's first four years has made only the government and welfare classes feel better.

The Newtown massacre was a freak event that would not have been prevented by anything in the new law, and Connecticut's crime problem is mainly a matter of the long failure of poverty policy and drug criminalization. His emphasis on Foley's involvement with the Georgia company signifies only that the governor feels an overpowering need to distract from Connecticut's unsatisfactory condition.

First Malloy-Foley debate needed a 'sulfuric acid challenge' - Journal Inquirer: Chris Powell