Saturday, September 6, 2014

EDITORIAL: Tom Foley for governor from 2010-Told ya so

Finally, we have found Foley to be the more forthright of the two candidates. As an aggressive debater, Malloy has claimed he won't raise taxes and repeated a deliberate falsehood about Foley.
A textile company that Foley once owned in Georgia spun off a division that employed 1,000 workers. Most, if not all those workers, stayed at their jobs, but under new management. Malloy has claimed the workers were laid off. The false claim is repeated in a television ad.
Foley ran the company for 11 years. Battered by competition from foreign textile companies, it was reorganized under bankruptcy laws in 1996.
Foley then left the company, which emerged from bankruptcy, was listed on the American Stock Exchange and was later bought by another textile company.
Foley's record as a business executive is commendable. His business skills in increasing productivity while keeping an eye on costs are needed in the governor's office.

EDITORIAL: Tom Foley for governor

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